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Rotation Music’s Fresh Town Records “So Smooth” 25th Anniversary Edition Now Available!

Rotation Music  has released the 25th Anniversary edition of  their Fresh Town record’s imprint release “So Smooth” performed by Scratch Zone Symphony With M.C. Clock.   The original was released in 1986 and the 2011 (25th Anniversary) edition is now available!  There are only 100 units of this Limited Edition, 12″ single,  available with a special silver Anniversary label and colored gray/splatter vinyl.

The record hit the internet earlier this week (9/28/2010) and many world-wide Electro record collector’s have responded positively to on-line reviews and videos on YouTube.  The 12″ single is on sale for $100, and the way units are moving, the price will rise quickly.  There is definitely a demand for this record due to the rarity of the 1986 versions (which are included on this release).

Not only were orders placed for the Limited Edition gray vinyl but there were even a few test pressings purposely sold for $50 (this price is documented in the website).  The test press price was reduced to get the songs reviewed and to create an international awareness.  Due to the limited number of  white label test pressings, these copies could possibly sell for a few hundred dollars shortly. 

Some Critics claim that the 25th Anniversary gray vinyl single is expensive for a new release and may not sell at the $100 price point.   Because there are only 100 units available, this price is acceptable to many Fresh Town Records/Electro collectors.   Multiple units have been sold for $100 (and documented) and the record is already in demand. 

The original 1986 “So Smooth” release has sold for $500 (also documented) but there are not any Collector’s willing to sell this rare vinyl gem.  Since finding a Seller of the 1986 version is nearly impossible, Collectors are getting their hands on the 25th Anniversary 2011 edition (only 100 units available) as quickly as possible!  This Limited run was created to satisfy the Fresh Town fan base and make the “So Smooth” classic available to Collector’s world-wide.

The original So Smooth vinyl (MC-1500) was released in 1986 under the Fresh Town records label and was distributed by JDC Records.  The original record was recorded and mixed at the Music Store in Brea, CA during the summer of 1986.  The record was mastered by Richard Simpson and manufactured by Macola Records in October of 1986.  With the help of Johnny’s Records in La Puente, CA, JDC (who employed Sam Hernandez) distributed the records world-wide.   The 1986 (MC-1500) tracks included one vocal version and one instrumental version.

In 2011, Fresh Town will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and the release of this West Coast Classic “So Smooth”! The 25th Anniversary special edition vinyl (FT-1986) includes a total of 8 tracks.  In the summer of 2010, the record was re-mixed and recorded by Shawn Bossick at Diamond Studios; produced by Next Generation; mastered by Richard Simpson (again);  manufactured by Erika Records and distributed by Rotation Music LLC in Laguna Beach CA.  The tracklisting is as follows:

A1   So Smooth (Vocal Remastered) 4:23  
A2   So Smooth (Vocal Remix 2011) 3:40  
A3   So Smooth (Vocal Original) 4:25  
B1   So Smooth (Instrumental Remastered) 4:23  
B2   So Smooth (Instrumental Remix) 3:40  
B3   So Smooth (Instrumental Original) 4:25  
B4   So Smooth (Acappella) 4:25  
B5   So Smooth (Acappella 2011) 3:40

To purchase and read more about this limited edition release, please click the links below:

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The 12″ single “SO SMOOTH” by Scratch Zone Symphony with M.C. Clock was released on the Fresh Town Records imprint in 1986.  It is currently a collector’s item for being one of the first and rare West Coast Rap releases.  Fresh Town records is recognized as a West Coast Pioneer label and is still releasing Sreet Hit Music today, under the parent label Rotation Music LLC.  Fresh Town Records will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2011 and has limited vinyl edition releases lined up for first quarter 2011.  Fresh Town Records wants to meet the demands of its loyal fan base and collectors around the world.  The releases will include vinyl re-issues with remastered and remixed versions never released before.  The first 100 records will be etched and numbered from 1-100 on the vinyl disc and the cover.  Stay tuned for more information and exact release dates and pricing.  Check out the link below.  Fresh  Town records is listed as #80 and has sold multiple copies of the original “So Smooth” 12″ vinyl record for $500.00

Fresh Town Records 1986

Fresh Town Records 25 Years 1986-2011

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Request the new Jodi V single “Breaking Down” on your local radio station.  “Breaking Down” has received spins on the syndicated Pocos Pero Locos show and continues to receive spins throughout the country.  “Breaking Down” is an emotional power ballad where Jodi V sings about the pieces of her broken heart from a shattered relationship.  Jodi V is a Latina Balladeer who is touching and connecting with her fans through her real life experiences of love and heartbreak.  “Breaking Down” is from Jodi V’s full length release “Seed of Love” available from Rotation Music.

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The reputable, twenty plus year independent, street hit music label “Rotation Music” has done it again.  Rotation continues to find talent before the world seems to notice and have packed it into one 14 track cd.  Check out Rotation Music’s slammin’ release Karty and Presidential Da Set presents: This Is Crack Music.”

 “This Is Crack Music” contains an all-star line up of Hip Hop artists and platinum producers from the east coast, including: Karty and Mo Betta from the Presidential camp.  “This is Crack Music” includes several artist appearances including one from Juelz Santana (Diplomat/Def Jam), and production by platinum producers The Heatmakerz and Ron Browz to name a few.  Ron Browz currently has a radio hit with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana titled “Pop Champagne” which is receiving heavy radio rotation across the country.

Ron Browz hails from Harlem and produced several tracks on this cd and even drops his lyrical skills on a few tracks including the chart toppers “Go Girl” “Wishing On A Star” and “Crack Music (Ya Dig)”.  Platinum producer, Ron Browz has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Nas, Lil Kim, DMX, Ludacris, G Unit’s Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

The Heatmakerz have produced platinum tracks for the notable artists as Game, Cam’ ron, Fat Joe, The Diplomats, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, M.O.P, Lil’ Flip, Twista, Canibus , Ghostface Killah, and the list goes on.

 “Crack Music” is a phrase invented by the legendary Bronx producers The Heatmakerz to describe the innovative music they create.


Crack Music is music for the streets made by the streets and is spreading across the world like an uncontrollable addiction.  Karty grew up in the Bronx with The Heatmakerz and decided to name this cd “Crack Music” to acknowledge the historical Bronx streets where Hip Hop started many years ago.

“This is Crack Music” contains 14 slamming street hits, club jumpers, and chart toppers. This cd is overloaded with platinum tracks and platinum rhymes.  Get your dose of “Crack Music” today.  Once you try it you’re guaranteed to get hooked.


Rotation Music…Street Hit Music…Since 1986!


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Check out the new Rotation Music Jukebox Player uploaded with new songs on the new website  Check out tracks from Jodi V, Kartier, Ron Browz, The Heatmakerz, Peuckle, Shane Hunter, Izm and more!!!

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Rotation Music has launched a brand new website!  Stay updated with the latest News, Artists and Rotation Releases.  With the help of the Creative Firm, we are now able to keep in touch with our fans worldwide.  Listen to samples of our slammin’ tracks and buy your favorite street hit music on line.  Check back often for new music, videos, ring tones, photos and Rotation events.  Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to stay connected and receive exclusive MP3’s and giveaways.  Rotation Music…Street Hit Music since 1986.

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Rotation Music is accepting Demos for an upcoming 20th anniversary compilation cd. Demos must be submitted exclusively on line through Sonicbids. Please click on the link and read the Sonicbids listing

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She’s banking on hitting the heights

Jodi V turns heartbreak into art by ‘doing music that’s kind of inspirational’

By George Varga

October 26, 2008

Getting her heart broken for the first time at the age of 18 was a wrenching experience for Jodi V. It was also the best thing that ever happened to her, musically speaking.

“I actually remember the night that this little punk hurt me,” she said of her former boyfriend. “I went right in the house and wrote a poem in my diary, then I wrote the song ‘Breaking Down.’ ”

Now 22, V ultimately reaped an even richer artistic harvest from her heartbreak, which took place during her senior year at Point Loma High School.

“I ended up with 20 songs about that relationship over the next four years, but I try not to think about it,” said the budding San Diego troubadour, who does not use her last name, Villanueva, professionally. “You definitely have to have your heart broken at least once. It opens your eyes to so many things and you’re not as naive.”

Three of those 20 songs are on “Seed of Love,” her recent debut album, which was released by Rotation Music, a Laguna Beach-based indie label, and is being distributed nationally by Universal Music Group.

An ear-friendly mix of sleek R&B balladry and snappy hip-hop beats, the album features her autobiographical lyrics of love won and lost, along with messages of self-empowerment that she has targeted specifically at other young women.

“It’s funny, because I write love songs; they’re just not happy love songs,” she said. “I’ve never written a happy love song until a week ago – and I’m not even in love. That’s how good I’m getting.”

She giggled. “Just kidding.”

 By day, V oversees loans and new accounts as a banker for Wells Fargo. At night and on weekends, she devotes herself to her music.

“It is a double life, like night and day,” she said. “I try to write a complete song at least once every two weeks. People always say I look different at work than I do on my album cover, but I’m at work!”

Having come directly from the bank for an interview one recent evening, V appeared nothing like she does on her album cover.

Her hair was pulled back tightly and she was dressed in an almost knee-length skirt and a long-sleeved blouse, buttoned up to her neck. Her conservative appearance gave little indication of her sultry stage persona, but it did allude to the more than a decade she spent singing in choirs at various San Diego churches before she graduated from high school in 2004.

“I started singing gospel, then I joined the worship team at New Covenant Church in National City,” said V, who also sang in Amplify, a Christian rock band.

“Amplify had electric guitars and some of the singers had raspy voices, but – lyrically – it was definitely all inspirational. I always had a desire to write my own music and talk about different (secular) things, but growing up in a Christian house, it was tough.”

V, who lives with her mother, Jeannine Garcia, cites Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé and Pepe Aguilar among her favorite artists. She credits her father, Los Nopales band singer-songwriter Fausto Villanueva, as her first musical mentor.

V made her public debut at John D. Spreckels Elementary School singing one of his original compositions, “Mi mamacita,” which V performed with her guitar-playing dad and her classmate, Pearl Ayon (who, coincidentally, is now another of San Diego’s more promising young Latina R&B singers).

“My dad always told me: ‘¡echale ganas!’ Give it your all – let it out,” V said.

She does exactly that on her album, although she acknowledges that one of her songs, “Crazy B,” probably won’t sit well with her former church pastors.

“I tell people to listen to the lyrics,” said V, who also included a sanitized alternate version, “Crazy Chick,” for younger listeners. “I’m not calling myself a ‘crazy bitch.’ It’s what somebody else is calling me and I’m just defending myself. I had to be real. Once people listen to the song, they get it.

“Most of my songs have a positive message and you’ll hear references to God here and there. So, I went from being very religious to doing music that’s kind of inspirational. Only recently have I gone more commercial and hit different topics, just to give it a shot. My mom’s learned to accept it.”

And what of V’s heartbreaking ex-boyfriend? Has she thanked him for inspiring so many of her unhappy love songs?

“We don’t talk right now,” she said, smiling. “But when I first let him listen to the album, he said: ‘I don’t like these sad songs.’ I told him: ‘Thank you, I’ll send you a check in the mail.’ ”


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Jodi V will be featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper this Sunday October 26th, 2008.  Pick up a copy of the San Diego Union-Tribune and read the interview San Diego has been anticipating.  Complete with new and exclusive photos, taken at Jodi’s home in San Diego.  Discover this Latina icon, who is creating a trail blaze with her heated tracks and potent performances.  Find out everything you wanted to know about Jodi V, including her musical childhood, her sky rocketing career, her appreciation for her fans and her straight from the heart songs, including the slamming single “Uh Oh”.  Jodi V opens up like never before in this premiere interview with her hometown newspaper.  Get up close and personal with Jodi V and check out her debut release “Seed Of  Love” on Rotation Music with national distribution by B-DUB/Universal.  Pick up a copy of the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper this Sunday October 26th.  While you’re at it, pick up Jodi V’s new cd “Seed Of Love” at Best Buy, FYE and Sam Goody.  Support San Diego…San Diego Stand Up!



The Union-Tribune has the 21st largest circulation among U.S. daily newspapers.  The paper’s circulation exceeds 300,000 on weekdays and 350,000 on Sundays.  

The Union-Tribune Publishing Co. is San Diego County’s largest media company, its products reaching more than 59 percent of the market each week.  

The company operates SignOnSanDiego, a top local news and entertainment Web site, with more than 3 million unique users in a typical month.

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