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Rotation Music’s Fresh Town Records “So Smooth” 25th Anniversary Edition Now Available!

Rotation Music  has released the 25th Anniversary edition of  their Fresh Town record’s imprint release “So Smooth” performed by Scratch Zone Symphony With M.C. Clock.   The original was released in 1986 and the 2011 (25th Anniversary) edition is now available!  There are only 100 units of this Limited Edition, 12″ single,  available with a special silver Anniversary label and colored gray/splatter vinyl.

The record hit the internet earlier this week (9/28/2010) and many world-wide Electro record collector’s have responded positively to on-line reviews and videos on YouTube.  The 12″ single is on sale for $100, and the way units are moving, the price will rise quickly.  There is definitely a demand for this record due to the rarity of the 1986 versions (which are included on this release).

Not only were orders placed for the Limited Edition gray vinyl but there were even a few test pressings purposely sold for $50 (this price is documented in the website).  The test press price was reduced to get the songs reviewed and to create an international awareness.  Due to the limited number of  white label test pressings, these copies could possibly sell for a few hundred dollars shortly. 

Some Critics claim that the 25th Anniversary gray vinyl single is expensive for a new release and may not sell at the $100 price point.   Because there are only 100 units available, this price is acceptable to many Fresh Town Records/Electro collectors.   Multiple units have been sold for $100 (and documented) and the record is already in demand. 

The original 1986 “So Smooth” release has sold for $500 (also documented) but there are not any Collector’s willing to sell this rare vinyl gem.  Since finding a Seller of the 1986 version is nearly impossible, Collectors are getting their hands on the 25th Anniversary 2011 edition (only 100 units available) as quickly as possible!  This Limited run was created to satisfy the Fresh Town fan base and make the “So Smooth” classic available to Collector’s world-wide.

The original So Smooth vinyl (MC-1500) was released in 1986 under the Fresh Town records label and was distributed by JDC Records.  The original record was recorded and mixed at the Music Store in Brea, CA during the summer of 1986.  The record was mastered by Richard Simpson and manufactured by Macola Records in October of 1986.  With the help of Johnny’s Records in La Puente, CA, JDC (who employed Sam Hernandez) distributed the records world-wide.   The 1986 (MC-1500) tracks included one vocal version and one instrumental version.

In 2011, Fresh Town will celebrate its 25th Anniversary and the release of this West Coast Classic “So Smooth”! The 25th Anniversary special edition vinyl (FT-1986) includes a total of 8 tracks.  In the summer of 2010, the record was re-mixed and recorded by Shawn Bossick at Diamond Studios; produced by Next Generation; mastered by Richard Simpson (again);  manufactured by Erika Records and distributed by Rotation Music LLC in Laguna Beach CA.  The tracklisting is as follows:

A1   So Smooth (Vocal Remastered) 4:23  
A2   So Smooth (Vocal Remix 2011) 3:40  
A3   So Smooth (Vocal Original) 4:25  
B1   So Smooth (Instrumental Remastered) 4:23  
B2   So Smooth (Instrumental Remix) 3:40  
B3   So Smooth (Instrumental Original) 4:25  
B4   So Smooth (Acappella) 4:25  
B5   So Smooth (Acappella 2011) 3:40

To purchase and read more about this limited edition release, please click the links below:

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